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Sending Flowers for the No-Casanovas

19 Sep 2012 by Justin Cerciello

Not Everyone Can Be a Don Juan

While some men are skilled enough in courtship, some seem to
lose themselves around the ladies. This is where flowers become an ultimate saving grace.

A bunch of blooms can speak messages when words can’t. Even history holds an account of lads
giving flowers to the lasses to show devotion and love. Yet for some reason even tasks as simple
as picking out blossoms from a flower shop becomes too tricky for most men.

When sending flowers for the first time becomes too nerve wracking, you have to consult with
a florist. Individuals who specialize in making flower arrangement can provide wide array of
choices, along with helpful suggestions.  If help is out of the way, better follow these tips:

Choose the Right Flower

Every blossom speaks a different message, and not everyone can understand their language
(ironically, like women). Do some research and find out what the flowers symbolize. It also
helps to do a bit of stalking to find out the kind of bloom she is rooting for.

Red roses are the safest choice. They represent passion and love. If it is too early for this, you
can opt to pick white and pink roses. Remember to stay away from yellow ones unless you aim
to earn a ticket to the friend zone.

Pick Flowers with the Best Quality

The blossoms should have a sturdy stalk with no browns on the petals. Have the bouquet
arranged with a few buds so she can watch the flowers bloom. Avoid purchasing those that are
already in their full beauty as they might have wilted by the time she receives them.

It is also not
wise to pick a bud that’s still “too tight.” The shipment may affect the growth of the flowers and
you end up sending blooms without a bloom.